Visit & Tour of the RES Group Wednesday 3 July

ChairRES-Tour (1a) copy

The RES Group is situated alongside the M25 and is readily recognised as the Wind Turbine in Abbots Langley, but its not just a turbine. RES stands for Renewable Energy Systems and is one of the worlds leading renewable energy project developers, and it is situated in Three Rivers! RES has played a central role in the development of the renewable energy market, it develops, designs, constructs, and operates renewable energy projects worldwide. The site was a former egg farm producing eggs for the nearby Ovaltine factory. From a derelict complex it has been sympathetically transformed into a low carbon office employing many local residents.
The tour started with an explanation by Sandie Taylor, the Education Officer, of the companies ethos and what it does . I was very impressed. They have an excellent education programme and I would recommend schools and adults take the opportunity to participate. It’s good practice to educate the young in these matters, creating environment savvy adults in later life.

Photo shows CEO Dr Ian Mays MBE and me on the roof.


One Comment on “Visit & Tour of the RES Group Wednesday 3 July”

  1. It was lovely to meet you. I’m so pleased you were able to come. I have had some lovely feedback from the other members of the public who attended too.

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