Sea Cadets AGM – Thursday Evening 18th July 2013


Carol and I spent the evening at the Rickmansworth, Watford and District Unit Sea Cadets AGM at TS Renown.
The Sea Cadets are a national charity providing nautical adventure and fun to young people aged 12 to 18. The Rickmansworth, Watford & District Unit was established in Watford in 1941, and moved to the present location, in the gap between the two bridges on the Croxley border, in the early 1960s. There are 34 Cadets & 10 staff, all volunteers.
The formal meeting included a briefing on the Cadets activities and a splendid powerpoint presentation. We met The Officer in Charge, Petty Officer Jonathan Crisp, The First Lieutenant & Boats Officer, Lieutenant Scott Waters, The Training Officers PO Priyan Patel & Nigel Ludbrook, parents & supporters and Unit Chairman Fabian Hiscock. During the evening the cadets underwent training which included kayaks on the canal. The building actually backs onto the canal so is a really great facility. I was greatly impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of all involved. It is always a pleasure supporting this type of activity as voluntary organisations do not get enough publicity about the nature of their endeavours.
The evening was rounded off with a BBQ cooked with help by Pat Hiscock. A great evening, meeting dedicated and interesting people. If you or your offspring have a feeling for water, why not join them, they are always looking for new cadets and helpers.

One Comment on “Sea Cadets AGM – Thursday Evening 18th July 2013”

  1. PO Crisp says:

    Thank you for visiting us, Councillor & Mrs. Mead. It was an honour to have you there, and you are very welcome to come and see us again whenever you like.
    Petty Officer (SCC) Crisp, on behalf of all at TS Renown.

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