Woodhall School South Oxhey – Friday morning 19th July 2013


Woodhall Primary School in South Oxhey held a Red, White and Woodhall day at 10.30am. All the children assembled on the playground to put on a fantastic show. The show started with year 5 & 6 (10&11 years) singing ‘Yellow Brick Road’, followed by the nursery (3,4&5 years) singing ‘If Your Happy and you know it’. Well they definitely were happy, singing in the sunshine. They were followed by a steel band and some country dancing. The show was put on by the Head, Lesley Spence and Deputy Head, Michelle Lake who organised the singing and dancing. Watched by a large crowd of parents and friends who applauded enthusiastically, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The school has 216 pupils with one class in each age group and they encourage every member of the school to  ‘Aim high…..Reach for the sky!’ 
Carol and myself were escorted by Roy Millard, Chair of the Governors and Jan Hardy his deputy who organised a grateful cup of tea, it was a thirsty morning. We had to leave before the end unfortunately as we were off to another event. We will be back!
Photo L to R – Roy Millard, Carol, me, Lesley Spence and Jan Hardy

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