Croxley Skate Jam – Sunday 4th August 2013


First on the agenda today was a visit with Carol to the Croxley Skate Jam, at the Skate Park off Baldwins Lane Croxley Green. The sun shone brightly and the temperature was perfect with so much enthusiasm and energy being exuded by the young people involved. We met Abbie Ranns from TRDC leisure who do a great job in organising these events. Yesterday it was the skate, scoot and inline jams today it’s a BMX jam, with competitions and prizes for the best session, amazing to watch, and the organisation was impeccable. I tried my hand at creating a colourful tee shirt, tie dyeing with coloured inks, there is a photo somewhere, and gave out some of the many prizes.
This is just one of many Skate parks situated around all of the Three Rivers, the Croxley Green SK8 Park has state of the art concrete ramps designed in consultation with skaters, providing a smooth transitional course for all abilities. The park includes mini half pipe, flat banks, quarter pipes, fun box, spine, half pyramid, jump box, grind blocks and rails. It’s a language all on its own! Membership cards are required for all users of the park park during the school holidays to help control the obvious Health and Safety risks involved.
Its a great asset to the young people who were obviously enjoying the facility.
For more information try this link
ChCroxSk8Jam (8) (1800 x 1200)
Abbie Ranns and her Three Rivers Leisure Team

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