Abbots Langley Family Fun Day – Wednesday afternoon 7th August 2013


Three Rivers Leisure Department organised another fun experience for the residents of Abbots Langley and their children. This time the celebration of fun and play was themed around ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’ in the field next to the Manor House, Gallows Hill. I actually got to talk to the Queen of Hearts, she did not recognise me and demanded I get down on my knees, I explained that it would be difficult as my Chain of Office might fall off!
There were lots of children having fun, the weather was perfect, not too hot. There was a large sand pit with an artist actually building a superb sandcastle, and lots of children playing in the sand. The play rangers had their tepee, with face painting, a croquet area, lots of picnics, and water play, the only thing missing was the sound of the sea. 
Well done to all involved, on my way back to the car park I was thanked for putting on such a great afternoon, I told the lady it was down to Three Rivers Leisure department, she said she gladly paid her council tax on something so good. Says it all!

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