Royal Masonic School for Girls – Friday afternoon 6th September 2013


This afternoon we were invited to the Chevalier Ruspini Day at the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth. Chevalier Ruspini was the founder of the original Masonic Girls School based in London. We arrived at 2.10 and were met by Senior Head Girl Beth Brewer who did an excellent job looking after us during the afternoon. The headmistress, Diana Rose and Rev John Quill,  welcomed the assembly of VIP’s and parents in the great hall.  It was a grand sight watching nearly 900 pupils and staff assemble as they were all dressed in Regency costume. The assembly included Looking Back, (a time to remember where they have come from), Regency song by the choir, readings, nursery rhymes by the pre school, (good to hear – 12345 once I caught a fish alive -once again), dancing, Hopes for the Future and hymns.
After this extravaganza Beth gave us a tour of the buildings which included an impressive chapel. We had afternoon tea in the dining hall, where we chatted to staff and parents. Beth then escorted us to the New Mark Hall for a talk and power point presentation “The Ruspini Legacy – 225 years of caring for Children” by Lorna Cowburn. The talk included the origins of the school started in 1788 in London, and the building of the new school on the site of Park House in Rickmansworth in 1930, opening in 1934. The school became fee paying in 1978. We were really impressed with the ethos of the school.
Photo shows The School Choir with Carol, me and Beth Brewer

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