Abbotshay Farm Ayot St Lawrence – Saturday afternoon 7th September 2013


This afternoon we went to North Hertfordshire, Ayot St Lawrence and the garden of Jane Gray Chairman of North Herts District Council. She held a garden party in aid of her charity “Cross Roads Care”, with many activities throughout the afternoon and live music from a variety of artists. Afternoon tea with the Chain gang and plenty of scones, strawberries and cakes. Over 200 people attended so you can imagine how big the garden was. The raffle had 23 prizes and Carol actually won one.
Cross Roads Care is a charity that offers support for carers and people they care for. There are six million people in Britain who care for others, many reach a turning point, a crossroads, at which they feel they need help with caring, a sympathetic ear or some time to themselves. This is what Crossroads Care does, a very worthy charity.
Photo: me, Howard, Jane, Virginia, Carol, Jack Pickerskills wife, Jack, Brin & Freddy

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