St Mary’s Church, Rickmansworth – Thursday morning 19th September 2013.


Photo L to R me, Gill Gowing, Mike Gasden, Cllr Paula Hiscocks and Cllr Ralph Sangster

Up bright and early this morning and off to  St Mary’s Church, Rickmansworth for the launch of the St Mary’s Trail for Children and a service for St Mary’s School. Gill Gowing met me at the door and introduced me to some of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS) members who had organised the trail which was in the form of a question sheet with spaces for the children to answer. Revd. Deborah Snowball welcomed everyone, the church was nearly full with children from the school, and in her friendly and endearing manner she conducted the service and made it easy for the children to understand, actually giving lessons as to how to sing the main hymn. At the end of the service she introduced a selection of adults, some from NADFAS, the School Head and myself and we were asked to say what we did. It was quite easy for me as most of the children were impressed by my Bling (Chain of Office). After the service the children were split up into groups of four and taken on the trail around the church by a NADFAS member and given help in finding out interesting things in the church’s interior. It’s something that adults would also find interesting and I have arranged for the questionnaires to be available in Three Rivers Museum in Basing House. It is really good to see such happy children enjoying the experience of finding out about the Church and its fine arts. Well done to Helen Gill, St Mary’s Headteacher for bringing along her school for a morning of fun.
NADFAS is an arts based charity with members pursuing mutual interests in the arts through monthly lectures. Rickmansworth Society has nearly 250 members with Margaret Owen as the Chairman.
Headteacher Helen Gill, me and Deborah Snowball, and two of St Mary’s School children

One Comment on “St Mary’s Church, Rickmansworth – Thursday morning 19th September 2013.”

  1. It was lovely to meet you today Les. the children and I had a fabulous time and really enjoyed taking part in the church trail. Looking forward to welcoming you to St Mary’s School very soon. Helen Gill, Headteacher at St. Mary’s. Church of England Primary School. Rickmansworth

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