Sarratt Village Hall – Sarratt. Tuesday evening 24th September 2013.

13.09.24ChSarrattLHS (2a)

This evening we were invited to a talk organised by ‘The Sarratt Local History Society’ on ‘The Chartists of Heronsgate’ by Gill Gowing. I stated at my inauguration that I wished to promote the history and heritage of our area so with this in mind I was pleased to support their programme. We were met by Pam Turner Chairman of the Society, and introduced to Dawn Pitts the President, Wendy Beard the Secretary and Jonathan Holmes the Treasurer. The talk was very interesting especially as Gill did not profess to be a historian, but had worked in town planning. She had been a planning officer in authorities which had chartist connections, so she included more about the style and construction of Fergus O’Connors buildings in Heronsgate and his other settlements. In his time O’Connor had toured the country making speeches advocating annual parliaments, universal suffrage, the ballot, equal representation, and the abolition of the property qualification. He was a dominant figure in the Chartist movement.
The Sarratt Local History Society have a number of meetings throughout the year the next being a magic Lantern Show on November 19th at Sarratt School. They are always pleased to welcome anyone wishing to attend their meetings.
Photo shows Committee members Gill Hagger, Wendy Beard, Philip Buller, Dawn Pitts, Gregg Edmond, Pam Turner, Angela Colman,  and Jonathan Holmes.
Gill Gowing behind the plinth

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