Mencap at Cafe in the Park – Ricky Aquadrome Friday evening 27th September 2013


Daniel and Liz Hizli

We were invited to the ‘Secret Art Sale’ held at the Cafe in the Aquadrome this evening. Organised by local charity Mencap, who had asked local celebrities, professional artists and  many others to paint or draw a picture on a 5″ square canvas or postcard. The idea was to get the artist to sign the back making it a secret as to who had painted it. The paintings were then displayed on display boards for the public to purchase at £35 each painting. The sale started at 6pm this evening and it was a success from the start with a constant flow of visitors to view the 210 pictures .  When a picture was sold a small sticker covered the number. The exhibition is open for viewing and purchasing on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. All proceeds go to Watford Mencap who believe that people with a learning disability have the right to enjoy equal opportunities and be valued as members of society, enabling them to lead the life they want for themselves.  Please take the time to visit and maybe purchase a picture to support this very worthy cause.
Some of the participating artists

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