Bermuda Day – Thomas Cook, Rickmansworth High Street – Saturday morning 5th October 2013


This morning we felt like we were off on holiday as I  welcomed everybody to a special Bermuda Day outside Thomas Cook in Ricky High Street. We were met by Karen Rondan from Classic Collection the organisers of the day and friendly members of the Thomas Cook staff. Outside John Scholey, a town crier from Royal Tunbridge Wells, rang out a greeting, we had a photo shoot and I made a short speech. During my lifetime I have visited 75 different countries but I have never visited Bermuda. The brochure I had received explained how wonderful a visit to Bermuda would be, roughly 7 hrs from the UK, 2 hrs from  New York,  located  on the east coast of the US with a semi tropical temperature ranging between 20 to 32 degrees centigrade, sounds good to me. Burmuda is 4 hours behind us so a trip there means you only get to Bermuda 3hours later than the time you left. It’s the oldest British Colony and consists of 181 small islands of which the seven largest are connected by bridges, an area covering 22 by 2 miles . No private hire cars, you get around by taxi, ferry , bus or scooter.  The capital is Hamilton and for history buffs like myself there is a Royal Naval Dockyard built in 1814. Sounds like plenty of fun with 34 beaches to choose from. Inside Thomas Cook we had a traditional Bermudan drink of Dark Rum, Ginger Beer and ice cubes called ‘Dark’n Stormy’ and some Bermuda Rum cake, delicious.  I think I might pay a visit. A special thank you to Karen from Classic Collection Holidays who has offered a raffle prize,  for my Civic Reception next year, of a voucher for £250 off a Bermuda Holiday booked through Thomas Cook. 
John the Town Crier can be heard throughout the town ringing his bell today welcoming residents into the travel agents for a drink and slice of cake.
Helen from Thomas Cook, John Scholey, Carol and me

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