Rickmansworth Society Dinner – Moor Park Mansion – Tuesday evening 15th October 2013

Photo Jean Berry, Tony Berry Chairman, me, Carol and Peter Waters Treasurer.
It was a great pleasure for us both to be invited to the Rickmansworth Society Diamond Jubilee Celebration Dinner in Moor Park Mansion along with 57 other local people.
In the late 1940′s and 1950′s many societies and organisations in the Rickmansworth area expanded their activities and grew in size as people returned fom the second world war and settled back into civilian life. With no central organisation to co-ordinate these activities, there were often clashes of dates so, on 11th February 1953, the Rickmansworth Rotary Club invited local organisations to a meeting on March 15th to discuss the formation of a Rickmansworth Society. The first Rickmansworth Week took place that same year from Saturday June 25th and has been held every year since.The Rickmansworth Society has therefore been in operation for 60 years. The Society is non-political and non-sectarian and has some very admirable aims. Promoting a true feeling of community, fostering a spirit of friendship and co-operation and helping co-ordinate the activities of affiliated organisations. Welcoming newcomers to the district and helping them to settle into the community by introducing them to organisations in the activities of which they are interested, organising fetes and of course Ricky Week.  Run by a dedicated group of local volunteers, may it have many more years of activity. After the dinner we were treated to a brief explanation about Moor Park Mansion by one of its NADFAS guides Bill Sharp, he is also the TR Museum’s expert on William Penn, and he did not mention him once!

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