Stevenage Arts & Crafts Leisure Centre – Stevenage – Saturday evening 26th October 2013


Freddy, Bren, me, Carol, Jack, Margaret, Howard, Virginia, Graham & Dee

We were invited by the Mayor of Stevenage Jack Pickerskill and his wife Margaret to the Stevenage Community Reception in the Arts & Leisure Centre. Arriving at 6pm we were greeted by Jack and Margaret, some of the other members of the Chain gang had already arrived and were on other tables. We soon got chatting to our table which included a Borough Councillor, County Councillor, two organisers of the Stevenage Festival and two local choristers . The evening started with the Stevenage Showcase which featured music from three performers followed by dinner. At 9.15pm the presentation of the SoStevenage Pride of Stevenage Awards for 2013 began and featured winners in voluntary, caring, sporting, sharing, green, brave, friendly and proud categories. The presentations finished at 10.15pm, we chatted to other Mayors and Chairs before leaving at 11.00pm, just as the disco was starting!
13.10.26ChStevenagePride (4a)
Our table

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