All Saints Church – Croxley Green – Saturday morning 23rd November 2013


Saturday was a special day for Croxley Green, not only is it the All Saints Christmas market, but its also the day when the bells returned to ring out the hour. The Rev Miriam Murgan was outside ringing a hand bell just before 11.00am when Peter O’Grady and I joined her. We opened the event by cutting a ribbon with a large pair of shears at exactly 11.00am, and the bells returned to Croxley Green. Peter O’Grady had offered to pay for the installation and supervision of a new control mechanism which allowed the 1872 bell chimes to ring out from 07.00am on the hour until 10.00pm. The market was once again very well supported by the residents with many colourful stalls in the Church and adjoining church hall, mulled wine helped keep the chill out and there was an area for sitting and drinking coffee, tea and eating bacon rolls, which unfortunately for me I was not allowed to savour, due to increased waistline! Alick Burge the man who looks after the bells and clock mechanism kindly took me up into the tower to see the new mechanism attached to the old clock, it was a tight squeeze going up the vertical ladder, another reason for not eating bacon rolls. You can see my photos of all the action on my Flickr site by using this link:
Feel free to download and use.

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