Charity Banquet & Ball – Welwyn Garden City – Saturday evening 23rd November 2013


Off to Welwyn Garden City on Saturday night for the Mayor’s Charity Banquet and Ball in Homestead Court Hotel hosted by Mayor of Welwyn and Hatfield Howard Morgan and his wife Virginia. All proceeds from the evening are for the Mayor’s two charities, Friendship House and Jubilee House Care Trust, Welwyn Garden City. We are now getting quite used to travelling to the centre of Hertfordshire after 6 months as the Chairman. We had a soup starter, followed by roast beef and Yorkshire pud and a light chocolate sweet. We were seated on one of the two mayors & chairs tables with our usual chain gang friends. Afterwards we were treated to a live band performance by 1950’s Rock and Roll Band ‘Route 56’ and a trip down memory lane. It’s amazing how after all those years I still know all the words to most of the numbers. We tapped our feet, it’s all we really could do as Carol and I have dodgy knees at the moment, once upon a time we would have jived the whole night through.
You can view all the photos by using this link:
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