Honours Presentation – Hertford – Monday afternoon 9th December 2013


Me with Marie Frost from Nine Lives Furniture http://www.9livesfurniture.org.uk/

Invited to Hertfordshire County Council County Hall for a presentation about the Honours System. I attended the presentation with Marie Frost, from the charity Nine Lives Furrniture. The Cabinet Office are keen to have more people nominated to receive a UK Honour, particularly younger people, people from ethnic minority groups and women. The presentation was given by Richard Tilbrook, Head of the Honours and Appointments Secretariat. There are two honours lists, the Queen’s Birthday Honours List and the New Years Honours List. We were invited because we attend many local charities throughout the year of office and, therefore, well placed to get the message regarding Honours into the community. Marie being a local charity worker is well placed to also get this message across and pass the word around to other charities. Honours are a wonderful encouragement to individuals, to organisations or businesses, and communities. If you know someone worthy please get in touch and we will point you in the right direction.
This is what the Council Chamber looks like.

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