Artistsmeet Watersmeet – Rickmansworth – Wednesday evening 11th December 2013


We opened another Ross Ashmore Exhibition this evening. This is Ross’s third  exhibition of Urban Landscapes  and ‘Rickmansworth Scenes’ are dedicated to the place Ross lives and works. His expressionistic style narrates scenes that evoke memories of places people have a relationship with. His distinctive style is called Heavy Impasto. Ross likes to interact with all the people in his paintings and has a story about all of his creations, which he considers has enriched his own life. Creating an impasto painting requires the use of a large quantity of paint, the estimated weight of paint he used in his 267 Underground series was a quarter of a ton and if you put each one of them end on end they would reach the 72 nd floor of the Shard.  Ross is a very accomplished artist so please take time to view his exhibition, his unique style is very engaging.
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