Cloisters Hall – Rickmansworth – Thursday evening 9th January 2014


Back on the circuit once again after the Christmas break. Carol and myself would both like to wish a Happy New Year to all my followers. Not strictly a Chairman’s event, but I was introduced as the Chairman of the Council and the Vice Chairman of the Three Rivers Museum, one of my charities.
I had been invited for the third year to give a talk and presentation of films I had taken of our area, to the Rickmansworth Historical Society. On the two previous occasions I had included films about Local Buildings of Interest Chennies Manor, Moor Park Mansion  and this time Croxley Great Barn.  Unfortunately there was no voice over so I had to keep up with the film whilst reading from a script, not an easy thing to do as any slight pause and the dialogue is out of step with the film.  This year also included Rickmansworth Week 1988 & 1993, the Victorian Evening 1993 & 2003. My final film was ‘ Last Day on the Met’ a film about a local train driver who retired in 2004 after 44 years working for London Transport. Back in 2003 ITV, who I used to work for and had retired two years previously, produced a film about the underground. As is usual in production a lot of the material filmed ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor.  To cut a long story short, I managed to get hold of the out takes of a local driver, most of which had not been used in the final broadcast version. I re-edited the film around Keith Tibbles and his last day on the Met. A shortened version can be seen on youtube here Keith was also at the presentation and it was good to see other members chatting to him after the show. You can see some shortened versions of the Rickmansworth films on the Three Rivers Museum youtube site under the headings ‘Past Events’ link.

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