Henderson Hall -Abbots Langley – Friday evening 31st January 2014


L to R Lorna Betts, Joyce Owen, Steve Barker, Wendy Read, Andrew Gardner and Jayne Dugan

Friday night and it’s off to the Theatre to see ‘Murder Mistaken’. The Theatre in question is in Abbots Langley and the multi purpose Henderson Hall, a fine venue and local meeting place. Before the production, by the now world famous Centralian Players, we met previous chairmen of TRDC at the Indian Restaurant over the road in the High Street. This is now becoming a regular event, meeting David Major, Elizabeth Boleat, Gladstone Providence, and Chris Lloyd and his wife Yvonne. We were welcomed at the theatre by Michael Read (his wife Wendy was performing in the evenings production). It was up to the usual high standard of the Centralian Players, the Hall was full and we all had a really great time. The Centralian Players have been performing since 1933,  and they had to dig deep in their archives to find the original production  of ‘Murder Mistaken ‘ in 1961. Also invited was Watford Chairman Steve Rackett and his Consort Anna, their first visit and I  am sure will not be the last. We all got to meet the cast and congratulate them on their performances after the production. Really enjoyable evening.
The Players with Steve Rackett, Anna, me and Carol, with Michael Read in the doorway
More photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/chairmanlesmead/sets/

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