Cinnamon Square Bakery – Rickmansworth Tuesday afternoon 4th Feb 2014


A real enjoyable experience this afternoon when we were invited by Paul & Tricia  Barker from the Cinnamon Square bakery  in Church Street to make some Ricky Sticky Buns. We arrived at 2pm and straight into the lesson, putting on my bakers apron and watching Paul start the process. The Ricky Sticky Bun, named after Rickmansworth Town, is one of Cinnamon Square’s key products. The other is the Cinnamon bun which is actually to be featured on tomorrow’s ITV’s programme ‘Britain’s Best Bakery’.  The Ricky Sticky Bun has already won the speciality category at the World Bread Awards in October 2013.   It was created by Rickmansworth Master Baker and Cinnamon Square co-founder Paul Barker, so it was great to be actually making some.  It’s a sweet bun, rolled in cinnamon and topped with a caramelised pecan topping.  Carol filmed the process and you will be able to see me in action soon on my youtube channel. The finished product was tasted by Carol, Tim the TRDC photographer, and  myself and we all were in tasty heaven. Don’t miss the programme on Wednesday 5th Feb at 4pm on ITV.
The famous Ricky Sticky Bun, nine of them just out of the oven
The Bakers stance, so I am told!
See more photos here
Feel free to download

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