Northwood Synagogue – Northwood – Wednesday afternoon 5th Feb 2014


Carol Nelly and me

HMD stands for Holocaust Memorial Day. We were invited by Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue to the closing session in Northwood. We were welcomed by Rabbi Aaron Goldstein who happens to live in Croxley Green and will lead prayers at my next Full Council meeting on 25th February. Not really knowing what to expect, it was a very moving and memorable experience. Listening to Nelly Ben-Or Clynes deliver her personal testimony to what had happened to herself and family living in Poland during the Nazi occupation in the Second World War. The HMD events have been running on Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th Jan, and Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th February. More than 3,000 local secondary school students from over 50 Schools attended one of 20 half day sessions and heard testimonies from Holocaust survivors. Nelly is an international concert pianist and a Professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where she has taught the piano and the Alexander Technique since 1975. She brought home her human experiences to something only previously statistically understood.
Carol, me, Amrit Mediratta TRDC Councillor, Nana Asante Mayor of Harrow and Awula  Serwah
More photos at Free to download

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