Penn Chamber – Rickmansworth – Friday afternoon 14th Feb 2014


Carol and I were invited to a special performance by Electric Umbrella in the Penn Chamber in Three Rivers House, the chamber where all the full council meetings are held. We were met by Charlotte Patterson from Three Rivers Leisure who support and promote the project, originally a club night created by musician Tom Billington. We have seen the Electric Umbrella on previous occasions, and I have to say they improve with each performance. Tom obviously has great fun in motivating the band members, they watch him with enthusiasm and in return give their all in the performance, which is so varied, from Barcelona to Blue Suede Shoes. It is so captivating you just have to join in, tap your feet and sing along. Tom was first approached by TRDC to run a series of workshops involving adults with learning difficulties back in September 2012. He is a musician and has spent time performing in circus, TV, session work and education. Electric Umbrella are now performing in many venues, it’s certainly a travelling band appearing throughout the district. After the show I was invited by Tom to say a few words of thanks to the group for giving such a splendid performance, chatting to them I have now become their official number one fan.  Words cannot express the feeling of pleasure that you experience watching and  listening to this group. They have a performance on 27th February in Watersmeet, don’t miss it.
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