Three Rivers House – Rickmansworth – Tuesday evening 25th Feb 2014


Receiving the cheque from Councillor Tony Barton

I chaired my last Full Council meeting this evening. Over the last few years the various council meetings, covering all committees, have been reduced in numbers  in a cost cutting exercise. This resulted in there now being only 5  Full Council Meetings over a period of a year (all 48 councillors attending and representing their residents).
These meetings can get a bit hairy especially as with last nights when the Budget is proposed. Each group get the chance to propose a budget and ask questions. Amazingly last nights Budget was not too contentious as there were quite a few similarities between the budgets proposed.  Unfortunately, as there is an election on the horizon, there was a lot of point scoring by all sides.
Before the meeting began Councillor Tony Barton presented one of my charities ‘The Peace Hospice’ with a cheque for £1000, this was in payment for a wager he had with a previous Chairman over the costs of the William Penn rebuild, he lost and graciously  paid up.


Rabbi Aaron Goldstein who lead prayers before the meeting

More photos on Flickr


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