S.W.H Narrowboat Wharf – Hunton Bridge – Wednesday morning 2nd April 2014 –


Princess Anne receives a posy from Bushey Meads School

This morning Princess Anne visited the new Wharf and a new narrowboat at South West Herts Youth and Community Narrowboat Project in Hunton Bridge. Previously back in October heavy rain and mist had grounded the helicopter and HRH was unable to attend. HRH arrived at 11.40am and the line of dignitaries was introduced to her by Deputy Lieutenant Shelagh Nichols. Before her arrival I had been chatting to a group of youngsters from Bushey Meads School, the trustees, committee members, volunteers and the funders of the project and those responsible for constructing the wharf and the boat. Project Chairman Peter Lincoln introduced HRH to the team and time was spent with each member discussing their part in the project. HRH then went aboard ‘Pickles Folly’ to view the internal facilities and emerging from the front end HRH was introduced to and spent much time chatting to the youngsters from Bushey Meads who presented her with a posy of flowers.
Pickle’s Folly has joined the project’s 12-berth community boat Dick’s Folly and is available to youth and community groups for use on the Grand Union Canal. The two boats together can carry 22 people for day or part day, weekends or week-long expeditions.  The project regularly runs more than 100 days trips per year. Pickle’s Folly is equipped with a wheelchair lift and specially designed accommodation. The building of the new narrowboat, for use by families or groups with a disabled member, and the rebuilding of the wharf to make it more accessible, were funded by a bequest from the late Graham Picket with additional funding from the Cemex Community Fund. The South West Herts Narrowboat Project is a charity staffed and run solely by volunteers. Dick’s Folly and Pickle’s Folly are available to all youth and community groups in return for a fee to cover running costs. For bookings, groups should contact Janet White on 01923 224411.
Young people from Bushey Meads School
Me, Deputy Lieutenant Shelagh Nichols and Peter Ruffles Vice Chairman of Herts County Council
More photos on https://www.flickr.com/photos/chairmanlesmead/sets/72157643311718473/

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