Baptist Church Hall – Rickmansworth – Friday evening 11th April 2014 –


Members of the Three Rivers Museum Trust management, Ann Vernau Company Secretary, Margaret Owen Curator and Exhibition Designer, Claire Roffe Publicity Officer and Chair Multi Media Sub Committee, Michael Collins Treasurer, Barbara Owen Chairman and me Vice Chairman

It was not a Chairman’s event on Friday evening, but I attended the 27th AGM of the Three Rivers Museum Trust as its Vice Chairman. It was the usual format of reports from the officers, my report included details of the social media side of the museum. The museum does not have a blog, but will have when I finish my time as Chairman of the Council. The museum has a Facebook account and two youtube accounts: – which has had nearly 29,000 hits (viewings) and – my Roving Reporter site has nearly 72,000 hits.
Any other Business included a short interesting story from Ann Shaw about her grandchildren finding an old jar (see the photo on the flickr site )
After the formalities there was a short break for tea, coffee, scones and cake before we were invited to hear a presentation by Sandie Taylor from Renewable Energy Systems (RES). I have seen a presentation from Sandie previously and it was very enlightening once again. RES is a successful and expanding business and is one of the leading offshore wind, wave and tidal developers worldwide. They have a large inhouse team dedicated to providing integrated services to other offshore project developers, as well as delivering projects for themselves.  They hope to continue to expand successfully with a new Headquarters adjacent to the existing offices at Beaufort Court. The audience were very interested judging by the number of questions asked, and it  certainly opened their minds into what sustainable energy is all about.
Members of the Three Rivers Museum Trust management with Sandie Taylor Education officer at RES

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