Three Rivers House – Rickmansworth – Thursday evening 24th April 2014 –


It’s another Full Council meeting tonight, this being the second Extraordinary meeting within four weeks. Extraordinary refers to a special council meeting requiring a minimum of 25 councillors, we managed 30. The agenda tonight included two major items. One was the Council’s Consideration of a Formal Petition on Provisions of the HS2 Hybrid Bill (this was about 17 specific points of concern) and the other to seek to approve the Council Constitution, which has been revised to comply with new requirements by law and the Council’s decision to formally adopt a new system of committee governance. With a few explanations by various councillors it all went well and everything was passed. 
In a few weeks there is an election, which is unusual in the fact that all seats are up for grabs. The reason for this is that TRDC has decided to reduce the number of Council Wards from 48 to 39 in a cost cutting exercise. 
It’s also the Councils 40th Anniversary this year. How time flies!
Three Rivers House

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