Divine Saviour School – Abbots Langley – Tuesday afternoon 6th May 2014 –


Mattthew Wilsher, Kim Coe, Laila Namdarkhan, Philip Gibbs, Carol me,and Denise Bond

Delighted to be asked to attend the Abbots in Transition Youth Forum this afternoon in Abbots Langley at the  Divine Saviour School . The meeting was set up to get local schools together to talk Eco. We were met by Denise Bond from Breakspeare School who had organised the get together. APES (Abbots Parish Eco Schools) are a group organised by Laila Namdarkhan to create a Youth Forum to meet the need to encourage pupils to have a sense of empowerment in Environmental awareness. Four  schools attended, Divine Saviours, Tanners Wood, Breakspeare and Bedmond School. The head of Divine Saviours School, Philip Gibbs, welcomed us to his school and I gave a short speech on what the Chairman of the Council does which included support for the eco principle. The meeting was arranged to put forward ideas for environmental workshops to be held on 5th June ‘Environment Day’ at Breakspeare School. The workshops would include young people from each school in APES and endeavour to produce something useful from discarded rubbish. Emma from Breakspeare School collated the ideas from the young people and some of the suggestions included making bird feeders and green houses from plastic bottles, bracelets from plastic bags, garden ideas and producing Eco cakes. The youngsters certainly had plenty of ideas. We had a photo outside by the school garden and a drink before we departed.



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