Three Rivers Museum – Rickmansworth Monday afternoon 16th June 2014


Watching the video of the demolition.

It’s quite fitting that this is my last official engagement, apart from handing over my chain of office tomorrow evening. TRMT has been an active interest for me since the beginning over 26 years ago, and I have been on its managing committee ever since. I am now the museum’s Vice Chairman and very glad to support the present Chairman Barbara Owen, who has such boundless energy, she must be running on Duracell.  This afternoon’s event was all about the demolition of the two gas holders owned by the National Grid. Originally I had asked to film the demolition which took place over approximately 6 months, so I made quite a few visits. The film is now completed and will soon be on the museums youtube channel Whilst filming I asked if we could have one of the Holder Plaques which state date of manufacture and manufacturer – National Grid kindly agreed so that was the reason for this ceremony, where I officially receive the plaque on behalf of the museum. Also present at the ceremony were Ann Shaw and Ralph Sangster, two TRDC councillors along with Nicola Beech from JBP a PR company, Samantha Thrupp, and Nadia Drew from National Grid and many members of the museum. I unveiled the plaque at 4 pm to a round of applause, Sam gave us a brief history of the site and Nicola explained the overview of what is being achieved with the demolition of gas holders in the UK.  National Grid also presented a display board with details and history of the Wharf Lane site. I thanked the ladies for their support, plaque and display and we were all treated to a refreshing drink concocted by Ann Vernau and as usual some magnificent cakes cooked by Barbara. The video was also running in the museum for all to view.
A pleasant finish to my time as Chairman of Three Rivers.



14.06.16AnnieChMuseum (61)

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