Three Rivers House – Rickmansworth Tuesday evening 17th June 2014


Me and the new Chairman of Three Rivers District Council Chris Lloyd, just before hand over       

This is my final duty, tonight I hand over my chain of office to the new Chairman of Three Rivers District Council, Councillor Chris Lloyd, which means I get to introduce prayers and Item 1 on the agenda – Election of Chairman of The Council. I ask for a proposer and seconder who both speak about our new Chairman. The new Chairman makes the Declaration of Acceptance and I pass the Chain of Office onto Chris. The new Chairman asks for a vote of thanks after which I get a final reply.

“Thank you for allowing me to represent our district. Carol and I have had a great experience and it is a real honour to represent this council and the residents throughout my tenure. It has  been a privilege to meet the unsung heroes, and so many deserving people who quietly work to make other people’s  lives better. We have made many friends in the last 13 months, including members of the Hertfordshire Chain gang, who soon got to know me by my insistance on having a photo of the event we were attending.  These photos are all on my Flickr account for all to see and download for free, so many people can share in these experiences. My blog has been a resounding success, with nearly 14,500 views from 70 countries throughout the world, Three Rivers is now certainly on the world map, one viewer from Romania is coming over soon. Thank you for all your support over the last 8 years as a councillor, and the last year as your chairman. And,  finally, may I take this opportunity to thank Elwyn Wilson, Sarah Haythorpe and all officers for your tremendous support during my time as ward councillor, vice-chairman and chairman. A special thank you to my lovely wife Carol, I could not have done it without you.
You are warmly welcome to come along to the launch reception of a photographic exhibition which includes photos from my year as Chairman, taking place at Artistsmeet in Watersmeet from 6pm – 8pm on Tuesday 8 July.”

I was then presented with a Record of Appreciation by the new Chairman

Thanks for following my blog and goodbye.
Please continue to read the Chair’s Blog as Chris is going to carry on blogging, I will carry on blogging on behalf of the Museum.



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